For the last 30 years, River Alliance of Wisconsin has worked to empower people to protect and restore water in three big ways:

  • local watershed group support,

  • lobbying for clean water protection laws, and

  • leading a vision for a better water protection system.

Local groups

River Alliance of Wisconsin believes in the power of grassroots action. It is a core part of our work to engage people in activities that inspire water stewardship. 

It starts with getting involved with your local water protection organizations. When River Alliance steers resources and technical support to local groups, they become stronger grassroots advocates for clean water. Visit our Local Groups page to find an organization in your community


We believe that it’s our government’s job to safeguard water for the health of people and our environment. That’s why we work to hold public agencies accountable for enforcing pollution laws. 

Our staff and volunteer leaders are experts in pollution and agriculture laws. They make River Alliance a credible voice on water policy and public engagement.


River Alliance of Wisconsin has a vision for a better way to protect our water. With passion and determination, we are leaders in guiding Wisconsin’s environmental protection efforts toward preventing problems instead of just responding to them. 

Our Wisconsin Water Agenda is a big-picture perspective on better ways to protect water in our state. Our Wisconsin Agricultural Agenda includes meaningful policy goals for sustainable farming and food systems. We work with county leaders to pass Clean Water Now resolutions that affirm the right to clean water for all.

Fools' Flotilla

Sunday, June 9, Madison, 9:30 a.m. – noon

Make your grand entrance to the Marquette Neighborhood Association’s Waterfront Festival by floating with hundreds of other fools from Tenney Park to Yahara Place Park on the Yahara River in Madison, Wisconsin. Bring your own boat (sorry, no innertubes), PFDs, costumes and decorations. This is a free event. Registration with a signed safety agreement is required either online in advance or in person before the event.


How to use the Clean Water Act to protect local waters

How to use the Clean Water Act to protect local waters

River Network, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Wisconsin Lakes, and River Alliance of Wisconsin joined forces to teach clean water advocates how to use the Clean Water Act to protect and restore local waters. Now available online, the workshops give an overview of Clean Water Act programs, how they fit together and how to use River Network’s recently updated Clean Water Act Owner’s Manual. Local advocates shared real-world case studies on how they used the Clean Water Act to protect their waters and communities.

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Wisconsin has 13,500 miles of navigable streams and rivers, and more than 15,000 lakes, plus groundwater that is the source of most Wisconsinites’ drinking water. It’s going to take all of us to defend our water. 

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