2017 Photo Contest Winners

“Chase Cleanup”
The photo is of my son Chase, age 11. My family helps to clean up the Wiouwash trail. The trail runs along Lake Butte des Morts, which connects to Lake Winnebago via the Fox River. My boys compete to see who can pick up the most garbage and Chase was celebrating filling two bags. I work for the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance and coordinate their annual cleanup. My family volunteers to clean up our waterways many times (and places) throughout the year.
– Kelly Reyer, Oshkosh


“Into the Morning Mystic”
I took this photo as my parents, my husband and I set out on a trip up the Wisconsin River toward the dam from the Sauk City boat launch just south of Hwy 12. It was a foggy morning but we were determined to paddle to the Blue Spoon for some coffee and breakfast! We feel blessed to have this beautiful water feature literally in our back yard. I’m passionate about the conservation of all our land and water in Wisconsin and believe it is of the utmost importance for future generations to come.
– Amy Chamberlin, Sauk City


“Do Cows Bite?”
This was one of the first times I took my daughter trout fishing. My wife Barb went along for moral support and to take photos. We were fishing for trout in Richland County. My daughter Anna wanted to go see the cows. We paused from fishing for a short time to go pet the cows. Just before we got to the cows my daughter Anna exclaimed, “Dad, do cows bite?”
– Len Harris (Photo by Barb Harris), Richland Center


Runners Up

“Sugar Bowl, Lower Dells”
– Jonathan Beers, Madison

“Catfish Fishermen”
This photo was taken after a canoe outing on the Mississippi River. The fishermen were taking the advantage of a picnic table to sit and watch their lines at Pettibone Park. I took advantage of the great backdrop, the Logistics Health Buildings and nearby Arts Center.
– John Sullivan, La Crosse

“On the Yahara for Fools’ Flotilla”
Watch out for mermaids! Here’s the board of the Marquette Neighborhood Association enjoying the Yahara for the always anticipated Fools’ Flotilla that kicks off the Waterfront Festival each year.
– Jack Kear, Madison