2020 Photo Contest Winners

This year, we invited you to share your favorite water images for the 2020 Photo Contest, based on the theme “HEALING.” We’ve chosen three winners, and three runners up, from over 100 entries.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for this year’s contest!
Your passion for Wisconsin’s waters is clear. And, your photo/s may still be featured in the coming year.

“Granddaughter” | Swamp Creek
This is my daughter doing a breastfeeding photo with my granddaughter MaryJane peeking at me, her grandma, behind the camera. My daughter wanted her breastfeeding photo to be in the headwaters of Swamp Creek, which eventually leads to Rice Lake that holds our precious wild rice.
– Tina L. Van Zile, Crandon

“On the Water at Siskiwit Lake” | Bayfield County
A beautiful afternoon canoeing with friends, fishing, and enjoying northern Wisconsin.
– Jonah Westrich, Madison

“Together” | Marathon County
This image shows a pasture walk sponsored by Cavern Point Farm (a rotational grazer) and EPPIC (a watershed group). I named this image “Together,” because it takes everyone to protect our state’s natural resources, even people from the not-so-obvious places. One of those places is the farming community. Farmer-led watershed groups, like EPPIC, are recognizing their responsibility and their role in protecting ground and surface water. The tree line in the distant background in the photo is actually the banks of the Little Eau Pleine, which eventually makes its way to the Wisconsin River. The landscape featured in this photo serves as a filter, protecting the river. In this image, progressive farmers, agronomists, environmentalists, and community leaders stand together. Their work is making the difference.

– Matthew Oehmichen, Colby

Runners Up

“Paddling the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River”

This image was taken on the channel behind Steamboat Rock. The pioneer Dells photographer H.H. Bennett made a related image (albeit onshore to the left of my viewpoint) over 100 years ago, before the Kilbourne Dam raised the river level about 15 feet. Bennett vehemently opposed construction of the dam, which flooded several features he photographed.

– Jonathan Beers, Madison

“Lost in Solitude” | Grant County
Watching trout rise at the Big Springs Fishery Area.

–  Ricki Bishop, Richland Center

“Sunrise at Newport” | Lake Michigan
A tribute to the restorative power and beauty of Lake Michigan on a crisp autumn morning.

– Cynthia Hoffman, Fitchburg