Reasons to donate to River Alliance before the end of 2021

Dec 13, 2021 | Members

Reasons to donate to River Alliance before the end of 2021: a letter from River Alliance of Wisconsin Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee Chair, Willi Van Haren

As we close 2021, we’re looking back on a year where we’ve all overcome big challenges and made progress for Wisconsin’s free-flowing, clean water.

Because of the support of members like you, River Alliance has:

  • a vision for Wisconsin’s Water Agenda that offers long-term, watershed-wide, inclusive ideas for better water policy. We bring our clean water agenda into everything we do for meaningful, systemic change.
  • a plan to protect rivers and lakes from aquatic invasive species. We partner with government and local groups to champion community-based science with volunteers like you. We engage hundreds of volunteer monitors on projects like Snapshot Day, and Project Riverine Early Detectors., and the Conservation Dogs Collective.
  • a new approach to building relationships with farmers who are good stewards of Wisconsin’s water and land. We are at the table with producer-led groups like the Sauk Soil and Water Improvement Group and the Eau Pleine Partnership for Integrated Conservation to advocate for rural water protection.
  • a relationship with local water protection groups and coalitions. From working to stop mining near the Menominee River and celebrating the removal of dams in the Baraboo River, to advocating for families like those in Nelsonville who can’t drink from their well water due to nitrate contamination, we connect local needs to statewide experts, resources, and support.
  • a commitment to our democracy. We are working with local advocates to add Clean Water Now advisory referendum questions to April’s ballots. Voters will be able to say they support our right to clean water to protect human health, the environment, and the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin.

Donate to River Alliance before the end of 2022.

Every gift, like every water leader, makes a difference. We have big plans for 2022 and beyond: supporting farmers, local advocates, and communities and setting a new direction for water protection by creating comprehensive, long-term water management plans as part of our Wisconsin Water Agenda.

Willi Van HarenI’ve personally decided to give my time and financial support to River Alliance because few of us have the time or knowledge to speak up for the great water resources in Wisconsin. Your support for River Alliance’s work gives you a say every day in water policy.

This season, my six years of service on the board will come to a close, but I will continue to support River Alliance. I hope you join me and make a gift today.

With gratitude,
Willi Van Haren
Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee Chair
River Alliance Board of Directors


Give a year-end donation before the end of 2022.

Kristin Schulthies

“I’m most proud of the River Alliance’s Wisconsin Water Agenda. It is framing critical policy issues for our state’s water future. Policy and systems of the past 50 years no longer provide the framework and means to address the environmental needs of our changing climate and society.” 

Tyrone Cratic Williams

“I believe the health and well-being of our waterways has a direct relationship with the well-being of us people. From our wildlife to agricultural crops to drinking water to preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes, everything begins and ends with water. So it’s important to me to support the River Alliance as our advocates for a better future.”

Dave Fowler

“I have spent a lifetime working on and playing on rivers and other water bodies. They are an important part of my life, and I want to leave as many restored or untrammeled rivers to the next generation as possible. Not everyone can be a water expert, but everyone can contribute with time or money. No gift is too small.”

Kriss Marion

“As a county supervisor, I’m most excited about the local Clean Water Now referendums. Organizing, educating, and empowering communities at the most local level is an investment in Clean Water Now, but also in future change efforts.”