Supporters | 2022

Thank you to all River Alliance of Wisconsin supporters, including the following individuals who contributed donations and time during our Oct 1, 2021 – Sept 30, 2022 fiscal year.


Our internal work to become an organization that focuses on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion continues. As part of our JEDI work, we are celebrating all contributions equally, be it time, talent, treasure. It takes all of us to move the mission forward. That’s why we are listing all of our supporters alphabetically below. If we have mistakenly omitted your name to recognize your support between October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022, please contact Communications Director Stacy Harbaugh at [email protected].

14-Mile Watershed Alliance
Anne Aaker
Kathleen Aaker
Tina Abert
Benjamin Abrams
Bill Adamski
George Affeldt
David Ahrens
Marna and Brent Akerley
Kelsen Alexander
Marc Alston
Robert and Paula Alt
Todd Ambs
Ross and Connie Ellis Ament
Gar Amunson
Cary and Patricia Anastasio
Julie Andersen and Steve Greb
Alisa Anderson
Benjamin and Karen Anderson
Dan Anderson and Joan Nugent
Dennis and Kathleen Anderson
Ron and Patty Anderson
Sherrill and Rock Anderson
Michael Anderson
Polly Andrews
George Angelo
Lewis and Ellen Anthony
Robert Applegate
Roger Armstrong
Evan Arnold
Ned Atwell
Richard and Elizabeth Auchter
Jan Axelson
The Baack Fund at the Chicago Community Foundation
Ronald and Judy Backus
Joseph and Betsy Bacon
Dualeh Badeh
Badger Fly Fishers
Jean Bahr
Martin Bailkey
Mary Ballard
Mark and Jennell Ballering
David and Linda Balsiger
Molly Bandt
Sandra Baner
Suzanne Bangert
Perrin Banks
Eugene Barber
Harold Barfknecht
Chris Barncard and Sarah Murray
Richard and Paula Barnes
Charles and Elizabeth Barnhill
Pam and Mike Barrett
Marie Bartolotta
Jeff Bartynski
Timothy Bauer
Scott and Maggie Baum
James and Melissa Baumann
James Baumgaertner
Marvel Baumgartner
Charles and Anne Baynton
Paul Beagan
Robert Bechard
Beth Bechtel
Todd and Kimberly Becken
Dave and Patti Becker
Jessica Becker
Caroline Beckett
Mary Kay and Keith Bednar
Jonathan Beers and Satiya Buell
Mark and Peggy Beilfuss
John Bell
Dru Bell
Gerald Belter
Dale Benjamin
Roger Benjamin
David Bennett
Judy Bennett
Richard Schoenbohm and Sue Bennett
Todd Berens
Irv and Jan Berlin
Michael Bernhard and Nancy Doll
Bernhard Family Fund
Kathleen Bernhart
Ruth Bernick
Jess Bernstein
Gary Besaw
Carolyn and Richard Betz
Bill and Ann Beverly
Melissa Beyer
Anna Biermeier and Roger Hanson
Ricki Bishop
E. Leroy Bjerke
Robert Black
Fred Blake
Matthew Blasinski
Fred and Susan Bliffert, Thomas J Bliffert Foundation
Ben Blodgett
Linda and Thomas Blotz
Dave Blouin and Claire Gervais
Mary Bobiak
Walter and Patricia Bock
Kristoffer Bohling
Everett Boling
Linda and Robert Bollendorf
Denis Bollinger
Vera Boone
John Booske
Barry and Jane Booth
James and Joan Boots
Mark Borchardt and Gwen Stone
Scott and Beth Bordeau
Steve Born and Patty Elson
Peter and Rebecca Boulanger
Jeff and Freya Bowen
Tracie Bowers
John A. Bowman
Kenneth Bradbury
Patrick J Brady and William Heinzelman
Joseph Branch
S Bettina Brand and Kathrine Barber
Don and Carola Breckbill
Sam Breidenbach
Steve Brezinski and Mary Murrell
Ed and Lois Brick
Michael Bridgeman
David Briles
Waltraud Brinkmann
Lynn Broaddus and Marc Gorelick
David Brow
Jeffrey and Kristen Brown
Terri Broxmeyer and Ron Grasshoff
Mark Brueggeman
Nancy Bruins
David Brumm
Beau Brummund
Sarah Brundidge
Debra Brunette
Henry Bruse
Brent Brye and Lucy Nitz
Timothy and Susan Buban
James and Karen Buck
Carol Buelow
Jamie Bugel
Melody Burkard
Elaine Burke, Galaxy Foundation
Nancy Burke
Burnett County Lakes and Rivers Assoc.
David Burnside
John and Ann Burton
Richard Buschmann
Dennis and Linda Buzzar
Debra Byars and Fred Teitgen
Michael Cain
Thomas Callan
Colette and Thomas Camerano
Denny Caneff
Capitol Water Trails Ltd
Celia Caron and Thomas Erb
Kathy Carpenter
Patricia Casad
Dennis and Jean Casper
Castle Rock-Petenwell Lakes
Doug and Sherry Caves
Dennis and Janice Cera
Marcus Chacon
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Nina Cheney
Robert Cherek
Kay Christianson
Gil and Helen Churchill
Patricia Cicero
Annette Clark
Sherren Clark
Dave and Sue Clausen
Scarlet Cleveland
Kristine Cloud
Bill Coady
Ginny Coburn
Ned Cochrane
Marcus Cohen
Kevin Coleman and Jessie Chmell
Thomas and Nancy Collopy
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Community Shares of Wisconsin
Deb Congdon
Lisa and Bob Conley
Joseph Conrad
Tim and Pamela Corcoran
Dan and Pat Cornwell
Carlton Counard
William Courtenay
Erin Courtenay
Katy Cowdy
Scott and Joan Cramer
Jim and Mimi Crandall
Gary Crandall and Sara Balbin
Scott and Joan Cramer
Jim and Mimi Crandall
Gary Crandall and Sara Balbin
John Durham
Andre Dusette
Dennis Dusowsky
Carmen Dutack
Kathy and Henri Dutilly
Sheryl Dwinell
Jim and Kathleen Dyreby
Patrick and Lloyd Eagan
Helen Earling
Earthling Interactive
Sharon Eastman and Larry Hill
Lori Eberly
Julie Eckenwalder
Clay Eckstein
Sarah Edgerton
Richard Egen
Edward Ehrlich
Thomas and Carol Ehrsam
Barb and Eric Eikenberry
Tim and Linda Eisele
Jane Elder and Bill Davis
John and Kay Elliott
Kevin Ellison
Carol Elvery and Bruce Inkmann
Laurie Elwell
Kerry Elwood
Gerald and Signe Emmerich
Gary Engel
Edward Englehart
Mike and Kari Engleson
Terry and Marty Evanson
Larry and Lynda Everson
Don Faith
Gloria Fallis
Dale and Joanna Fanney
Pat and Randy Farney
BJ Farra
Wendy Fearnside and Bruce Meier
Hildy Feen
Jill and Kevin Fermanich
Kristin and Robert Fewel
Conrad Fialkowski
Derek Field
Richard Fischer
Stephanie Fitch
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
William Flader
Barb and David Flesch
Karen Flood
Michael Flynn
Fontana Sports Specialties
Mary Foote
Anne Forbes and James Lorman
Dan and Mary Fose
Jim Fossum
Lyn Foster and Joe VanBerkel
Mary Foster
David and Cindy Fowler
Maureen and Robert Fox
John Franckowiak
Carol Franke
Steve and Linda Franz
Maureen Freedland
Kyle Freund
Craig and Kristine Freundlich
Michael Friedel
Tom and Linda Friedel
Friends Of Cherokee Marsh
Friends Of The Black River, Inc.
Christopher Fries
Jyothi Froemming
Curtis and Linda Frost
Beth Fuller
Henry and Diane Fuller
Stephen Gaffield and Heather Curnutt
Judy Gaier
Suzanne Gaines
Meg Galloway
Elizabeth and Tom Ganser
Gerry Ganther
Caroline Garber
Sharon and Warren Gaskill
Daniel Gasperut
Gary and Pam Gates
Carol and Ned Gatzke
Steve Gavin
Al Gedicks
Donnell Geib
Vickie Getz
Kate Gewehr
Paul Gibler
Megan Gibson
Mark M. Giese
Sara Gilman
Barbara and Don Gilmore
Nathan Gingerich and Kristin Knoener
Daniel Gingrich
Rodney Girkin
Melissa Gishnock
Wayne Gjersvig
Carl and Peggy Glassford
Delaney Gobster
Paul Gobster
Patrick Godar
Rick and Alice Godfrey
Zachary Godfrey
Tana Godfriaux
Steven and Elizabeth Goff
Ashley Gohlke
Charles Gohs
Katy Golden
Mary and Martin Golden
Regina Golding
Georgia Gomez Ibanez
Bill and Idy Goodman Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Fdn.
Skip Gordon
Brian Gottfried
Nancy Goyings and Steve Frye
Robert Graebner
Robert Granflaten
James Granum
Paul Gravunder
Amber Gray and Dan Pfaff
Karen Greaton
Lance Green
Bernadette Greenwood
David Gregg
Frank Grenzow
John Gribb
Gordon and Geralyn Grieshaber
Karen Grimmer
Stu Grimstad
Thomas Grist
Thomas Grossman
Group Health Cooperative
Johanna Grover
Peter and Nancy Gunder
Ian Gurfield
Nicholas Guries
Justin Gursslin
Ronald and Merle Gustafson
Linnea Hadlock
Michael Haeger
Bill Hafs
Jennifer A. Hagen
Emmalee and Jake Hagenbucher
Rob and Elke Hagge
Robert and Carolyn Haglund
Tyler Haglund
Kenneth Hahn
Joan Hall
Don Halloran
Eric and Mary J. Hamburg
Joe Hamel
John and Susan Hand
Jack Handley
Skip Hansen
Deidre Hansen
Cass Hanson
Kathy and Richard Hanson
Stacy Harbaugh
John Hardiman
Harlan Hall
Suzanne Harmelink
Lynn Harmet
Elizabeth Harper
Lindsay Harris
Tim Harrison
Jim Hart
Kristi and Curt Hart
Charles and Gwendolyn Hatfield
Susan and David Haug
Colleen Hayes
Paul and Bernadette Hayes
Mark Hays
Bill Heart
Heartwood Tree Company
Joette Heckenbach
Skip Heffernan
Michael Heffernan and Barbara Zellmer
Ellen Heiser
Joe and Jennifer Heitz
Jennifer Heller
Richard Helmick
Robert Helminiak
Bill and Felicia Hennessy
Nancy Hennessy
David Henning
Jeff and Patty Henry
Ronnie Hess and Ron Rosner
David Hetzel
Pat Hickey
Thomas and Doreen Hickey
R. Tod Highsmith
Tamara Hill
Linda and Tom Hilts
Terry Hiltz and Jeff Shaw
Bob Hinderholtz
Virginia Hirsch
Kolby and Tom Hirth
Ho-Chunk Gaming
Julie and Gil Hoel
Cynthia Hoffman
James Hogan, Jr.
Karen Holden
Laura Holder
Sarah Hole
Holiday Acres
Elizabeth Holland
Greg and Dawn Holt
Sharon Holthaus
Larry Hopkins
Steve Horn and Bobbi Peckarsky
Pam Rood and Jan Horsfall
David Hough
Mike and Judy Howden
Noel Howlett
Andrew and Natalie Hoyos
Cyndy Hubbard
Michael Huebschen
Joel Huenink
Steve and Sue Hughes
Holly Hughes-Stoner
C. Hadlai Hull
Kathleen Hunt-Abene
John and Judith Hutchinson
Mary Ann Ihm
Susie and Greggar Isaksen
Justin and Lynn Isherwood
George Jacklin
Donald Jackson and Beverlee Nelson
Willie Jackson
Deborah Jacobs
Andy Jacobson
Jolie Jacobus
Michael Jaeger
Ruth and Bill Jaeger
Bruce Jamison
Dennis Jeanquart and Susan Speth
Randall and Anne Jefferson
Barbara Jenkin
Jordan Jerabek
Jerow/Schreier Charitable Fund
Jessen Family in Memory of Howard E. and Susanne C. Jessen
Gary Johncox
Dave Johnson
David Johnson
David Johnson
Donelle Johnson
Elaine Dorough Johnson
Jaimes and Mary Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Margel Johnson
Paul Johnson
Bryan Johnson
Richard Johnston
Taylor Johnston
Lee and Rosemary Jones
Tiffany Jones
Yvette Jones and John Lombardo
Rebecca Jorgensen and Donald Lintner
Michael Jorn and Caroline Seymour Jorn
Jeffery Josephs
Sue Josheff
Brian Juchems
Patricia Juday
Thomas and Diane Judge
Michael Julka
Jennifer Jun
Wendy and Peter Juneau
Sarah Juon
Hans Kadner
Andrew Kaftan
Michael and Pam Kalinosky
Barry and Emilie Kalpinski
Elizabeth Kalscheur and Douglas Wilcox
Richard Kania and Beth Zupec-Kania
Aaron Kapp and Kristen Kettleson
Richard Kark
Kathleen and Martin Kascewicz
Ira Kastenberg
Jim and Linda Kasukonis
Edwina Kavanaugh
Susan Kearns
David and Beth Keber
Patricia and Michael Keberlein
Bill and Lisa Keen
Bill Kehl
Carolyn Keith
Jeff Kelling
Martin and Esther Kellogg
Tamea Kelly
James Kerler and Liesa Lehmann Kerler
Lee and Charlene Kersten
Bruce and Laurie Kestelman
Rolland and Joyce Kiel
Beth and Dennis Kienbaum
Eugene Kim
Sue and Robert Kinde
Debbie and Jim Kinder
Kathleen King
Helen Kitchel
Janet Kjelland
Marian Klapperich
Shirley Klapperich and Bill Clendenning
Sharron Klein
Steve Kleiss
Karl and Liz Klessig
Thornton and Genevieve Kline
Dorothy J. Klinefelter
Judy Klippel
Barb Kneer and Alice Holbrow
Cara Knothe
Dr. Ronald Knuth
Joyce Clark Knutson
Robert Koehler
Patty Koel
Jim Kogutkiewicz and Bridgette Wells
Mary Kohl and Randy Brotz
Traci Koltz
Robert Koon
Joseph Korch
Alan Koskelin
Michael Kowalkowski
Stephen and Barbara Kozerowitz
Sue Kratsch
Peggy Kratz
Sally Kraus
Patricia Krause
Richard Krause
Tim Krause
Thomas and Margie Krauskopf
Sharon Krebs
Glenn Reinl and Sara Krebsbach
Richard Krenzke
Heidi Krill
Jerome Krings
Edward Krinsky
Rachel Krogman
John and Liga Kropp
Ron and Winnie Krueger
Jan Kucher and Ronda Pettey-Kucher
John and Gail Kuech
Tim Kuhn
Jen and Mike Kuhr
Andrew Kullick
James Kurz
Gretchen La Budde
Paul and Mary La Liberte
Adam Lafave
Max and Shelley Lagally
Danika Laine
Eileen Laird
Lake Wausau Association
Steven Lambert
Dick Lamers
Christine and Bob Lane
Cheri Lang and Daniel Moore
Heidi Lankapothu
Carl Lantz
Ariel Larson
James and Susan Larson
Jim and Colleen Larson
Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association
Lauer Realty Group
Fred Lauing
Michael Lavitschke
Margaret Leaf
Barbara Lee
Mark Lee
Nancy Leff
Lois Leis
David and Cheryl Lemke
Karen Lemke and Randy Schukar
David and Shirlee Lendved

Susan LeVine and Kevin MacKey
Melvin Levy
Paul and June Lewandoski
Stacy Leystra
Doug Lichtfeld and Deb Skubal
Perry Lindquist
James Lins
Sue Linton
Rita Lloyd
Dan Loescher
Tyler Logan
Mark Lohry
Lisa Lombardo
Eileen and Charlie Lonsdorf
Janet Loomis
Jean P Lottridge
Paul and Mary Lourich
April Lowenberg
Lower Chippewa River Alliance
Joe Lowndes
Adam Lubin
Patty Lucas and Gregg Riemer
Lisa and Ted Ludwig
Alfred Lustig and Janice Watson
John and Mary Kay Lyons
Stewart Macaulay
Steve and Sue Macejkovic
Steve Macek
Madison Gas And Electric Foundation
John and Norma Magnuson
Richard Magyar
Anita Mahamed
Mary Eileen Maller
Grant Malmquist
Lizabeth Maltman
Joe and Nancy Marik
Kriss Marion
Debra Markus
Marquette Neighborhood Assoc.
Eileen Marsh and Jeff Lange
Jason Marshall
Sally Marshall
Stu Martell
Ken Martin
Michael and Gale Martin
Nichelle and Paul E. Martin
Bob and Kathy Martini
Patty Martini
Jackie Matelski
Pamela Mather
Dorla Mayer
Bruce Mayer
Kelly Maynard and Josh Brown
Peggy McAloon
Peter McAvoy
Kim McCarthy
Brent and Deborah McCown
Stewart McElroy
Nancy McGill
Marilyn McGoldrick
Jackie McGrath
Leslee McGraw
Ryan McGuire
Julie McHale
Calvin and Margaret McIntyre
Mac McKichan
Karen McKim and Keith Nelson
John McKnight
Pamela McLaughlin
Kate and Tom McMahan
Mary Mead
Chris Meader
Sara Medow
Curt Meine
Karen Mesmer and Robert Rolley
Bill and Joyce Messer
Kathleen Messinger
Jill Metcoff
Alexander Metz
Carolyn Meyer
Ezra Meyer
John Meyer
Patrick and Sandy Meyer
Ezra Meyer
Lee and Carol Meyers
Carolyn Micek
Michelle Michalak
Shelle Michalak
Olivier Michel
Sigurd Midelfort
Louis Mielke
Michael and Roberta Miesing
Patrick Miles
James and Julia Millard
Corrine Miller
Kimberly Miller
Mark Miller
Jacob Miller
Steffen Mirsky
Tom Mlada
Linda and Warren Mohar
Gregory Molzahn
Melinda Monroe
William Moora and Kelly Moora Brand
Kevin Moore
John Moore
Cassie and Ryan Mordini
Diane Morgenthaler
Bert Moritz
Hannah Mortensen
Joseph Moskal
Christopher Moss
Thomas Mrazek
David Muench
Mary Mullen
Martha Munger and Don Mowry
Maria Muniagurria
Diane Muri
Chris Murphy
Ginny Bowar and David Murphy
Trevor Murray
Susan and Dan Murray
Numbers 4 Nonprofits
Lisa and Landon Naffin
Paul Neary
Steven Neary
Henry and Barbara Nehls-Lowe
Frank and Lynette Neibauer
Richard Nelson
Robert Nelson
Susan Nelson
Rolfe and Mary Nervig
Donald Neumann
Christine Newbegin
Paul Nichols
Peter E. Nicoloff
Niedermeier Family Fund
Erik and Ann Nielsen
Jack and Judy Nigl
Katherine and Larry Nix
Dr. Leo Norden
Peter Nordgren
Jim and Judith Nordquist
Brandon Norsted
Elizabeth Novak
Darlene and Anthony Nowak
Curtis Nowlen
Kara O’Connor
Kenneth O’Neill
Marcia Obukowicz
Herbert Oechler
Jeffrey Ohnstad
Bruce and Patricia Olson
Dennis and Mary Pat Olson
Eric Olson
Linda and Jay Olson
Mark Olson
Lori Moss and Gary Oltmans
Katrina Oman
Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Assoc.
Liz and Chuck Orsay
Dave Ostanek
Monte Osterman
Peter Ostlind
Joan Ouelllette
Cindy Owen
Lawrence Palm
Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department
Peter and Carole Paquette
Linda and Terry Parrish
William Parsons
Jerry Pasdo
Chuck Patrick
Jerry Patzwald
Ralph Paulson
Mary Pautz
Robert and Barbara Pelowski
Jeff and Clarice Perkins
Anne Perrote
Lynn Persson
Petenwell And Castle Rock Stewards
Colleen Peters and Alan Manson
Kristina Peters
Mark Peters
Donald and Denise Peterson
Ryan Peterson
Stefan Peterson
LuAnn Peterson
Austin and Kristen Pethan
Rosemary Petroll
Sandra Pfahler
Joel and Sandy Pfeiffer
Peter and Kathleen Piaskoski
Anna Pidgeon
Ray Piehl
Ethan and Melissa Pierick
Claudia Pilger
Elizabeth Pilon
Nicole Pito
Mary Ploeser
Bethany Pluymers
Ann Pollock
Tom Popp
Wendy Porterfield
Lew and Vicki Posekany
Karen Prange
Sally Probasco and Claude Topf Wells
Aaron Pruitt
Lisa Scott Ptacek
Dan Pubanz
Josh Pultorak
Bruce and Sara Qualey
Michael Quist
Daniel Raab and Julie Jackson
John and Rita Race
Joseph Radwan
Margaret Ragatz
Jeannine Ramsey and Sam Breidenbach
Frank Ranallo
James Rasmussen
Katherine Rasmussen
Charles Rathmann
Greenleaf Avenue Foundation: Mark and Nancy Ratner Philanthropic Fund
Maria Rattunde
Richard and Mary Ann Reale
James Rebholz
Jake and Sarah Reddin
Jon and Mary Reddin
Janis Reek
Corrina Regnier
Richard and Donna Reinardy
Joe and Molly Reinhard
Donald and Barbara Reinicker
M C Reisdorf and Valerie Hodgson
Eric Rempala
Wayne Reschke
Bob Retko
Kelly Reyer
Ronda Richards
Andy Richardson
Randy Richardt
David and Donna Richert
Harry Richter
Rick Barker
Rick Eilertson
David and Dawn Rieckmann
Mike and Barb Ries
Kenneth Rineer
Holly Ringen
Fred and Nancy Risser
Pamela Ritger
River Revitalization Foundation
Adam and Nedret Rix
Gloria Roark
Michael Robak-Tiboris
Jeannie Roberts
John Roberts and Nancy Osterberg
Marilyn Roberts
Helen Robinson
Todd Rockway
Jim and Jane Roeber
Charity Roel
Dana and Mark Roffers
Dan Rogalla
James and Barbara Rohde
Bobbi Rohrs
Andrea Rolich
Gail Rollins
Tom and Mary Rondeau
Patrick and Lori Rorabeck
Norris and Joan Ross
Julee Rosser
Joseph Rossmeissl
John and Helen Rossmiller
Francie Rowe
Sandra Rubin
Evelyn Rudolph
James Ruecker
Janine Rueter
Kathleen Rulka and Brian Ewert
Run Strong Madison
Jane Rundell and Stanley Temple
Faith Russell
Jeff and Linda Russell
Faith Russell
Eddie Rutz
Mike and Ruth Ryan
Raymond Rye
Dean Ryerson
Karen Saari and David Pausch
Ron Sabel
James and Cheral Sadler
Jack Saltes
Karen Samelson
Michael San Dretto
Marti and Thor Sande
William and Susan Saucier
James and Sharon Schaefer
Donald Schaeffer
Kory Schaff
Vern and Rosemary Schaller
Nate and Stephanie Scheibe
Jeanne S Scherer
Alan Schilmoeller
Jeffrey Schimpff and Theresa Stabo
Carol Schlatter
Caroline Schmidt
Paul & Jane Schmidt Family Gift Trust
Tim and Jill Schmidt
Holly Schmidt
Holly Scmidt
Erich Schmidtke
Nick and Karen Schmit
David and Myrna Schneider
Lawrence Schnuck
David Schone
Ken Schreiber and Anita Adams
Carol and Dean Schroeder
Eric Schuck
Thomas Schuessler
Martha Schuh
Eric and Jane Schulenburg
Bill and Ann Schultheis
Kristin Schultheis
Lori Schultz and Robert Quandt
Nick Schultz and Bill Berry
Leo Schultz
Mark Schulz
Spencer and Sarah Schumacher
Kerry Schumann
Kelley Schuyler
William and Barbara Schweisheimer
Brint Schwerbel
Amanda Schwoegler
Ann Scott
John Scripp
Corrin Seaman
Seder Family Foundation
Dean and Laurie Segal
Lisa Seidman
Barry Seifert and Justine Chien
Lynn Seifert
Titus Seilheimer
Eric Selje
John and Kristine Selk
Jennifer Senick
Timo Seppalainen
Mary Sesto and Dan MacHkovech
Mark and Lori Severtson
Robert Sewell
Mary Lou and Kenneth Sharpee
Margaret Shaw
Pat and Helen Sheahan
Mitchell and Sharon Sheinkop
Kathryn Shelley
Mary Shequen Smith and Robert Smith
John Sheski
Ron and Molly Shiffler
Michael and Janice Shucha
Raj Shukla and Tora Frank
Judy Siegfried
Sierra Club – River Touring Section
Byron Dale Simon
Mike Simon
Carrie Simon
Carol Simon
Laura Simonson
Sinsinawa Dominicans
Eva Skulborstad
Mary Skwierawski
April and Frank Smith
Charles Smith
Davina Smith
Linda and Ken Smith
Mowry Smith
William and Jacqueline Smith
Robert Snow
Richard Snyder
Hannah Sobkowiak
Daniel Sodemann
Russell Soderberg
Bruce and Deborah Solberg
William Sonzogni
Lee Sorensen
Julie Sparks
Spencer Real Estate Group
Elizabeth Sperberg
Margie Sprecher
Larry and Rachel Sprung
Kurt and Susan Sroka
Allen Stabenow
Mike Staggs
Barb Stanek
Robert Stanley
David Statz
Marcia Steele
Patrick Stefonek
Anne Steinberg
John Steines
Karen and Richard Steinle
June Stelter
Jason Stephens
Kay Stevens
Thomas and Mary Jo Stock
Ralph and Melba Stockhausen
Ingrid Stokstad
Angelina Stone
Marlene Storms
Elizabeth Story
Liz Story
Gary and Janice Stoychoff
Hannah Strelchenko
Matthew Strickland
Ritchey Stroud
Marylyn and Stewart Stroup
John and Libby Stupak
Tony Sturm
Nancy Sugden and Robert Newbery
Jackie Sullivan
John and Elizabeth Sullivan
Micaela Sullivan-Fowler
Thomas and Nancy Sundal
Angela Sutton
Joan Swanson
Ronald Swanson
Severin and Elaine Swanson
Stephen Swanson
Robert and Ann Szalkowski
Craig Szopinski
George Tanner
Terry Taylor
Eena Taylor
TDS Custom Construction
Cathy Techtmann
Roger Tesch
Courtenay Teska
Pamella Thiel
Sandra Thielman
Jackie Thiry
Robert Thomas
Tom Thrall
Mary Tibbitts
Gus and Linda Tiboris
Debra Timm
Robert Tocco
Jane and Russell Tonelli
Angie Tornes
Allen and Rosemary Toussaint
John Tracey
Jon and Peggy Traver
Tom and Jane Treglowne
Caryn Treiber
Trout Unlimited – Aldo Leopold Chapter
Trout Unlimited – Kiap Tu Wish Chapter
Trout Unlimited – Marinette County
Trout Unlimited – Wisconsin State Council
Trout Unlimited – Oconto River Chapter
Stephen and Wendy Tupper
Sue and John Twiggs
Leah Ujda
Gordon and Beverly Underwood
Mary Upshaw
Frank Urtz
Tom Uttech
UW Credit Union
UW Health
Valley Stewardship Network
Gail Van Haren
William Van Haren
Michael Van Sicklen
Gail Van Sluys
Tina Van Zile
Tosha Vande Hey
Jake Vander Zanden and Helen Sarakinos
Stephen Ventura and Margaret Krome
Martha M. Vestling
Robert Victor
Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association
Catherine and Donald Vivio
Alicia Vogel
Mel Vollbrecht and Steve Hiniker
John Vollrath
Helaina Von Bank
Neil and Bonnie Voskuil
Martin and Karen Voss
Virginia Waddick
Cindy Wagner
Diane Walker
Elizabeth Walsh
Denny Wandtke
Carol Warden
Melissa and Jay Warner
Steve and Lora Warner
Washburn County Lakes and Rivers Assoc.
Dreux Watermolen
Bob Watjen
Paul and Donna Watson
Margaret Weathers
Kara Weaver
David Weber
Matthew Weber
Richard and Loni Weber
Mark Webster
Robert and Marie Wegerer
Neal and Cathy Wegner
Wegner CPAs
Michael Weidert
Scott Weigle
Frank and Mariana Weinhold
Alan Weir
Bill Welch and Patti Herman
John Wellford
John and Lynn Wellinghoff
David Wenstrup
Allison and Dan Werner
Shahla Werner
Angela West Blank
Kelli Westenberg
John Wetzel
Sharon and Jed White
Christopher Whitmore
Lyman and Lyn Wible
Gail Wickman
Tom Wiensch
Joseph Wiesner
Susan and Karl Wigdal
Marty Wilke
Catherine Williams
Valerie Williams
Jack Williams
Williams Companies
Marc Williamson
Riley Willman
Lindy and Allen Wilson
Pat and Bobbie Wilson
Sara Wilson
Donna Winter
Andrew Winterstein
Margaret Wischhoff
Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum
Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association
John Wiskerchen
Peter Witucki and Brittany Allen
Eleanor Wolf
Pat Powers and Tom Wolfe
Jane Wolking
Fred and Karen Wollenburg
Daryl and Margaret Wood
Levi Wood
Robert and Patricia Wood
Lynn and Rick Wyman
Ben Yahr
Dan York
Brian Young
Elizabeth Young
Sarah Young
Timothy Young
Russ Yttri
Jim and Susan Zach
Luke Zahm
Joy Zajda
Gary Zamzow
Gertrude Zauner
Jerome Zeiger
Doreen Zeller
Kyle Zempel and Hannah Matousek
James and Susan Zerwick
Laurence and Lynn Zibell
Phyliss and Ervin Ziegler
Richard Ziemann
Robert Zieserl
Carl Zimm
Jan Zimmerman
Timm and Heather Zumm
Scott Zupanc