Agriculture & Water Stewardship

Farmers and consumers working for cleaner water in Wisconsin.

Farming is a definitive part of Wisconsin culture and history. Almost all of us have some personal connection to farms and farmers.

We cannot protect public health and the natural environment without considering farming’s impacts on our shared water resources.

River Alliance of Wisconsin collaborates with farmers, processors, and consumers to change our food system’s effects on water.

Photo courtesy Matthew O.

Wisconsin Agriculture Agenda: Paths toward a transformational change in agriculture

Current methods of controlling agricultural water pollution cannot meet our ecological and public health goals. We need transformative policies that support our food system without harming water resources.

River Alliance of Wisconsin gathered experts from sectors across our food system to listen to their ideas for improving the way we grow food and support farmers. Their collaboration led to the Wisconsin Agriculture Agenda, a follow up to our Wisconsin Water Agenda.

Learn more about actionable steps and resources to help create a food system in Wisconsin that protects water, supports farmers, and produces abundant healthy food.

Farmer-led groups are Watershed Groups

River Alliance of Wisconsin supports the local river and lake groups, often led by passionate volunteers, who do much of the front-line water protection work. Farmer-led watershed groups are an important part of this. We aim to strengthen their ability to function as organizations and collaborate with our traditional citizen watershed groups.

We provide them capacity building support, advise them on the nuts and bolts of organizational management, and encourage them to collaborate with other water citizen organizations. River Alliance advocates for the interests of Wisconsin farmers who make clean water protection a part of their agricultural goals. 

Farmers can join the Clear Water Farms Commitment to share their achievements and commit to water stewardship, with the Alliance offering recognition and support for their efforts.


Contact Michael Tiboris, Clear Water Farms Director at 608-257-2424 x125 or email Michael.