Water Hero: Baird Creek Preservation Foundation

“In 1997, our community rallied to save 40 acres of Baird Creek from being sold to developers…”
Baird Creek Watershed
Green Bay, WI

How do you work to protect Wisconsin’s waters?
We educate the next generation on water quality, erosion, the water cycle, how everything affects Baird Creek, what lives in the creek and more. Our projects include: wetland restoration, creek bank restoration, invasive species removal, science-based educational programming and trail improvements.

What are your biggest concerns right now?
Our biggest concerns right now include protecting the ecosystems within our Greenway and reestablishing wetlands along the Baird Creek Watershed. Water quality is often dependent upon wetlands; they serve to trap sediment, remove nutrients, protect shorelines and slow the effects of flood water. They also serve as both discharge and recharge areas for groundwater and provide habitat for many species of plants and animals.

Currently, 43% of all federally-listed threatened and endangered species use wetlands at some point in their life cycles. In Wisconsin, 32% of the state’s listed species are wetland dependent. At present, Wisconsin has lost 47% of its original ten million acres of wetlands. Baird Creek Preservation Foundation has created a long-term sustainable plan to continue to restore and maintain acres of wetland in the Baird Creek Watershed.

What keeps you strong and inspired in the face of challenges?
We have a very passionate and hands on Board. We also have long-term members and volunteers who care about preserving our urban oasis. With so many people behind our mission, others are motivated to help out and our staff is inspired to continue to protect something so special to everyone involved.

What’s your favorite “water spot” in Wisconsin?
All the deep spots in the creek; that’s where the macro-invertebrates and the fish live! Studying them with preschool through graduate school students tells us about the health of the creek and water quality. These activities help us keep a pulse on our efforts and inspire the next generation to preserve their waterways.

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