8 Ways to be a Water Hero

Jul 11, 2018 | Citizen Advocacy, Recreation

River Alliance recently recognized Water Heroes from across the state. There are many ways to be a water hero. Here are some simple and effective ways you can join with many others across Wisconsin to be hero for our waters.

  1. Be a voter. Learn about candidates at all levels of government and from all political stripes. Talk to them about water issues you are most concerned about. You can get voter information online at myvote.wi.gov. Sign our petition: PLEDGE TO VOTE for clean water on Nov. 6th
  2. Volunteer for projects that protect and restore our waters. River Alliance has several ways you can help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Snapshot Day is the next opportunity. Sign up now to get outside and help at one of many statewide locations.
  3. Find your local river, lake or watershed group. See what they are doing and support their work. Find the group closest to you with our interactive map.
  4. Be a local water advocate. Build relationships with local elected officials by attending your local town, village, city, or county board meetings. By learning the local issues and connecting with elected officials, you can find issues to support to protect and restore your waters.
  5. Speak up for state policy. Meet and build relationships with your state senator and representatives when they hold local meet and greets. Let them know about the water issues that matter to you. Sign up for our action alerts to know when there are policy issues to contact your legislators about.
  6. Be a Clear Water Farms consumer. Try to learn where your favorite cheese curds, ice cream or produce comes from and learn about our Clear Water Farms pilot program.
  7. Be a Clear Water Business supporter. Support businesses that choose to take steps to protect our waters. Find out what your favorite brewery, restaurant or outfitter is doing to reduce their impact on our waters. Check out the members of our Clear Water Business Consortium to learn more about how clear water helps businesses thrive.
  8. Get out and enjoy the Waters of Wisconsin! When you fish, swim or boat on our waters, you can’t help but want to protect them. Explore our paddling resources to help plan your next trip.


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