Vote NO in August on state constitutional amendments

Wisconsin’s primary election this year falls on August 13. On the ballot, besides candidates for office, there will be two state constitutional amendments. It is very important that Wisconsinites vote NO to reject them both. Constitutional amendments would disrupt co-equal branches... Read More

State legislature's inaction on PFAS continues

One would be forgiven if you thought that by creating a $125 million in funding to help affected communities deal with PFAS in the budget that the legislature was actually concerned about the issue and ready to act.Unfortunately, everything they have done since they approved the state... Read More

Workshops: Use the Clean Water Act to Protect Your Local Waters

In early 2024, River Network, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Wisconsin Lakes, and River Alliance of Wisconsin joined forces to teach clean water advocates how to use the Clean Water Act to protect and restore local waters.The workshops gave an overview of Clean Water Act programs, how... Read More