Knotweed samples on a clipboard

There are some kinds of plants that you get so used to seeing when you’re out fishing that they blend into the landscape, and you might think they’ve always been there. They might only hit your radar once they start to slip from the background of your thoughts to being a noticeable... Read More

Enjoy River Alliance of Wisconsin's Summer 2023 WaterWays newsletter. To get a copy of WaterWays, become a River Alliance member or pick up a print copy at local events with our partners across Wisconsin. Download a PDF copy of the full newsletter. Summer 2023 | Volume 29, Issue... Read More

A group of clean water advocates gather for a photo on a sunny, fall day with colorful autumn leafed trees in the background.

During our 30-year history, River Alliance has stood with water defenders all across Wisconsin to push back against proposals to bring sulfide mining to our state. We’re remembering the big win to stop a proposed open-pit metallic mine in the Penokee Hills ten years ago as well as the... Read More

A new report, “The Minnesota Prove It First Bill and the Myth of Sulfide Ore Mining without Environmental Contamination” by mining engineer Steve Emerman, supports what River Alliance of Wisconsin and our partners have said for years. There isn’t a sulfide mine that hasn’t... Read More