Denny Caneff (left) and Rolf Hagberg on September 3, 1975, on a sea wall in the South Pass of the Mississippi, where the river enters the Gulf of Mexico. Last week (September 3) marked the 40th anniversary of the completion of a canoe trip down the length of the entire Mississippi, from the... Read More

Over my fourteen years of living in Wisconsin and working for the River Alliance of Wisconsin, I've been lucky to spend many good hours in a boat on a river. Less frequently, I've kayaked some of the lovely whitewater that our state boasts. But until recently, I'd never done any whitewater... Read More

This is the cover article from our summer 2015 FLOW Newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. Bass are Basic to this Bass Man's River Fun By Denny Caneff Gordon Patriarca makes his living with his hands. He's deftly put fingers over the frets of the bass guitar for decades,... Read More

I don't mean to make fun of the state of Kentucky. But the denizens of the hollers in and around coal country of that state can tell you that when coal was king, the coal companies could ravage the landscape and the streams could run orange with toxic metals and coal sludge and no one said... Read More