People who live on large water bodies in Wisconsin -- Lake Winnebago, Petenwell and Castle Rock, Tainter and Menomin -- have suffered for years from nasty algae blooms produced by phosphorus that comes from farm fields. It is unsightly, smelly and harmful to you if you ingest it or expose your... Read More

And Why Should You Care? Groundwater conflicts have been in the news almost daily in Wisconsin these last few months, particularly (but not exclusively) in central Wisconsin, where thirsty, sandy soils require lots of water to grow crops. The demand for big water wells has exploded in the... Read More

This is the introductory article for the Fall 2014 River Alliance Newsletter. Click on the image below to download a pdf of the newsletter. Wish for - but ACT too - for Clean Water We had a notion last spring that an election year would be a great time to raise questions about challenges... Read More