Cassandra (Oceana) Erickson

“Mermaids Without Borders hosts river and beach clean ups through all four seasons…”
Lake Michigan
De Pere, WI

How do you work to protect Wisconsin’s waters?
In 2015 I founded a local environmental charity—Mermaids Without Borders—to help educate my community and bring awareness to a number of issues. Mermaids Without Borders hosts river and beach clean ups through all four seasons, laid the groundwork and planted the seed for a reforestation project to support native species and help heal Wisconsin forests, promotes state park exploration and midwestern ecotourism, and supports countless clean water campaigns and green initiatives on a local and state level.

What are your biggest concerns right now?
My concerns include stopping both the Back 40 sulfide mine near the Menominee River and the Line 3 Pipeline. I am also focused on assisting the city of Green Bay in organizing a sustainability commission.

What keeps you strong and inspired in the face of challenges?
Every day I am reminded that the power and will of the individual is what makes the collective stronger and our community wiser. I genuinely believe that people want to help, we just have to give them the opportunity by honoring their unique gifts, passions and skill sets.

What’s your favorite “water spot” in Wisconsin?
The Fox River and the Apostle Island lakeshore.

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