Biologist Dave Marshall is persona non grata in rural Spring Green, where farming has an uneasy relationship with the Wisconsin River.  Area farmers know that Dave’s scientific inquiries attempt to measure the impact of farming– specifically, how does nitrate fertilizer, and how much of... Read More

It's an arcane issue and hard to put into kitchen-table English, but let us try... "It" is phosphorus pollution, a hot topic in the Capitol right now.  The River Alliance pays attention to it because phosphorus is the greatest pollution threat to rivers. As a fertilizer, it does a great job... Read More

Algae Blooms Could Get Worse If Legislature Weakens Phosphorus Rules Phosphorus is the number one cause of pollution to Wisconsin lakes and rivers. While you cannot see or smell phosphorus in the water, it does its job as a fertilizer: it grows unsightly, smelly algae; some of those algae... Read More