The Great Lakes Compact and Agreement, enacted in 2008, are historic bi-national agreements to protect the Great Lakes from being drained or diverted. The Compact says that any diversions of Great Lakes water outside the basin should be rare and limited to diversions that primarily benefit... Read More

Wisconsin River at Pelican River

Recently, a blockage in the city of Wausau’s sanitary sewer lines resulted in the discharge of an estimated 3.7 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Wisconsin River, via a safety overflow bypass—a device designed for just such an event. The discharge began on January 19 and... Read More

DNR Seeks Your Input on Polluted Waters The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released its draft 2018 list of “Impaired Waters,” or waterbodies that aren’t meeting water federal quality standards. This is a great opportunity for you to weigh in on the priority rankings... Read More

A draft proposal from the Wisconsin DNR, currently open for public comment, seeks to move “small scale” dredging for up to 25 cubic yards sediment (think two dump trucks worth!!!) into a General Permit (GP), which will receive substantially less scrutiny from DNR staff. The effect of this... Read More