About a score of Davids, defenders of groundwater, gathered on Sunday, February 22 in Wautoma to plan their strategy against the Goliath of Big Ag and a state government - administration and legislature - that is hostile to conservation. They were upbeat and optimistic but mindful of their... Read More

And Why Should You Care? Groundwater conflicts have been in the news almost daily in Wisconsin these last few months, particularly (but not exclusively) in central Wisconsin, where thirsty, sandy soils require lots of water to grow crops. The demand for big water wells has exploded in the... Read More

Judge rules that DNR cannot stick their heads in the sand when it comes to overpumping in the Central Sands. Central Sand residents chalked up a victory last week when a state administrative law judge ruled that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) must consider the accumulated effects... Read More

The dairy industry defends the indefensible We've almost gotten inured to the dairy industry's rationalizations, denials, obfuscations, deflections and excuses for not changing its polluting ways. For decades, dairy farmers blamed sea gulls for algae pollution in Lake Michigan. They used to... Read More