There are some big lessons novel coronavirus has taught us over the past two months:Seemingly disparate things are connected in complex, tangled ways.Small and simple actions have profound impacts.We’re a community, and we have to look out for each other (especially our most vulnerable... Read More

You may know that our staff is working from home these days. We check in every day as a team to discuss our work to protect and restore Wisconsin's waters. We've also been starting meetings with quick ice-breaker questions. Last week we each shared our favorite "quarantine kitchen" recipes, and... Read More

2019 Photo Contest Winners This November, we invited you to send in your favorite water images for the 2019 Photo Contest, based on the theme "WONDER." We've chosen three winners, and two runners up, from nearly 100 entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for this year's... Read More

The sound of rushing rivers and trickling streams are music to our ears, but sometimes a river rat needs to rock out to some river-themed tunes!For your summertime-listening pleasure, check out our four new free playlists (if you don't have a Spotify account it's easy and free to create... Read More