Commentary on #wish4waterWI

Oct 16, 2014 | Citizen Advocacy

The response to our #wish4waterWI campaign has been really gratifying. Some of you have stated simple and eloquent wishes for water. Others, like Rodd Wangen, have been eloquent and — defying the writing of the Twitter age — have offered more extended thoughts. Here’s Rodd’s…

It makes me sad that we are so self-interested. Everyone, that is. It’s natural that we should want a clean and safe environment for ourselves and our children. I feel I have to speak for the plants and animals that live on or in the water. The fish and the ducks and the damselflies. They also have a right to clean, abundant water. Just the fact that they exist is the only justification needed. They have rights too and should be respected.

I often consider the geography of this area. Historically, Wisconsin is a land of water and trees. Oak Savanna forests, also. When I see the state capitol I wonder how that knoll looked before Europeans settled here.

We have a societal disease. We are very consumer-oriented. We are so busy being busy that we can’t take time to notice that we are trampling over all of nature. If we can’t save us from ourselves, then we should not be allowed to take the rest down with us.

The only way to not have an impact is to sit home and not do a damned thing. I don’t think that’s what we want. But we could slow down and give respect for Nature. By that I don’t mean “Have respect for nature.” That is possessive. Like, “I love nature so much I think I will put my my house right here on this lakeshore.” To give respect demands action. The action could be as simple as going for a walk in the park.