Earth Day 2020

Apr 21, 2020 | Members, Misc

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up some resources just for you! Enjoy!

River-Related Actions You Can Take Today

For the second time, the Menominee River has been listed as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. An important tributary to Lake Michigan, the Menominee River is a vital source of drinking water, is central to the history and culture of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, and provides treasured fishing, paddling and hiking opportunities. The river is at risk from a proposed metallic sulfide mine—the Back Forty—which could threaten drinking water for millions in the Upper Midwest and demolish the tribe’s sacred sites. 
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The upper Mississippi River is critical to the nation’s economy and is a globally significant ecosystem. However, climate change is driving more intense rain storms, leading to more frequent and prolonged flooding in the Upper Midwest. This new reality puts people, habitat and infrastructure at risk—and communities along the upper Mississippi are dangerously unprepared. These risks are greatly exacerbated by two centuries of shortsighted floodplain—and watershed—development decisions that are cutting the river off from hundreds of thousands of acres of its floodplain, dangerously constricting the upper Mississippi River, and degrading vital fish and wildlife habitat.
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Online Resources to Explore

“Discovering Dragonflies”         
Evolving over 300 million years ago, dragonflies can fly backwards, intercept prey mid-air, see 360 degrees around them, and they live most of their lives underwater! Join us on our exploration of the life history of these wonderful winged creatures as we dive and swoop into their interesting body parts, habitat requirements, and importance in our environment. Presenter: Emily Heald, Water Program Coordinator, North Lakeland Discovery Center.

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Overture Earth Day Galleries Online: 
Though our building may be closed, Overture Galleries are now available as digital exhibitions. This spring marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. During this “Year of the Environment,” Overture Galleries partners with the Nelson Institute in presenting exhibitions and programs exploring environmental topics. Our featured artists challenge us with questions about the impact of human behavior on the health of our planet through their artwork that explores the experiences of inhabiting our Earth and human relations with our fellow creatures.
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Register to Attend Virtual River Rally 2020
While this may not be quite the same as our typical River Rally, we promise it will leave you recharged and inspired. It will provide you with new ideas and approaches to try where you work and new friends and colleagues to turn to for advice and encouragement. Content will also include addressing how we are adapting to a world transformed by COVID-19. 60+ workshops related to water.
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International Wildlife Film Festival
A majority of the selections are free to stream for the week of the festival. Plunge into the film profile pages to learn more about the makers and subjects.
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Outdoor & Online Conservation Activities

DNR Citizen-Based Monitoring
Volunteers are an integral part of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ approach to monitoring hundreds of species and habitats in forests, grasslands, wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams throughout the state. This public involvement, called citizen-based monitoring, leads to high quality scientific data, offers rewarding and educational outdoor opportunities for volunteers and promotes information sharing and collaborations between members of the public and the DNR. Working together, we can better inform natural resource management and conservation. Here are some ways you could take part!

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