Voters in Eau Claire and La Crosse Counties vote YES to clean water

Apr 6, 2022 | Clean Water Now

We’re pleased to share the news that voters in Eau Claire and La Crosse Counties overwhelmingly voted in support of a Clean Water Now advisory referendum question. 

In both counties the referendum question read: “Should the State of Wisconsin establish a right to clean water to protect human health, the environment, and the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin?” Voters in Eau Claire County approved the referendum by 79%, and voters in La Crosse County approved the question by 86%.

“Approving the Clean Water Now advisory referendum in Eau Claire and La Crosse Counties should send a clear message to our state leaders that water protection must be a top priority,” said River Alliance of Wisconsin Water Advocates Organizer Johnson Bridgwater. “Wisconsin just isn’t Wisconsin without the clean water resources that are essential to healthy families and our healthy economy.”

Eau Claire and La Crosse joined more counties in demonstrating bipartisan support for making clean water protection. In the spring 2021 elections, voters in Marquette County (73%), Portage County (77%) and Wood County (76%) approved referendums. 

Expect more to come in the Clean Water Now effort. Last month, the Monroe County Board approved a resolution on the right to clean water. Also on April 5, the Adams County Land and Water Committee signed off on a Clean Water Now resolution to send to their full county board for approval to add to county ballots in November. More counties are lining up to add the question to ballots this fall.

“River Alliance of Wisconsin is working with county board members and local clean water advocates to put this question on ballots because voters need a way to show their nonpartisan support for better water protection in our state,” said Executive Director Allison Werner. “Our state leaders are making decisions as if clean water isn’t an essential human right. Families and local governments need help to solve urgent water pollution problems.”

Counties send referendum results to Governor Evers, the Wisconsin Counties Association, and state legislators. Elected officials can look to advisory referendums to gauge support for future public policies.

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