Water Hero: Francie Rowe

“My goals include educating those who are not familiar with court actions and lobbying legislators.”
Central Sands
Pleasant Lake, WI

How do you work to protect Wisconsin’s waters?
My goal is to protect Wisconsin’s waters—both quantity and quality, in terms of drinking water and natural resources. This includes educating those who are not familiar with court actions and lobbying Wisconsin legislators.

What are your biggest concerns right now?
The first is keeping water in Central Sands lakes and streams. The second is preventing loss of water quality (both drinking water and natural resources). The third is educating folks to realize that natural resources not only need water to exist, but also need enough water to support plant communities, fisheries and wildlife.

What keeps you strong and inspired in the face of challenges?
Knowing Wisconsin has a long history of protecting its water keeps me inspired. If we want clean streams, lakes and rivers to enjoy for our children and grandchildren, we need to watch over them as never before.

Water is a valuable, exhaustible resource, but people in the United States, including Wisconsin, often treat it as valueless and inexhaustible—we need to change that way of thinking.

What’s your favorite “water spot” in Wisconsin?
Pleasant Lake, Waushara County

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