Get familiar with the water challenges Wisconsin is facing right now.
Explore the topics below and learn how you can help.

Our Work on Key Issues

Water Policy & Beyond

Learn about the 12 elements that outline a new path to clean water in Wisconsin.

Agriculture & Water Stewardship

Learn how farmers & consumers are working for
clean water in Wisconsin.

Back 40 Mine

Mining projects and legislation put our clean water economy, drinking water and quality of life at risk.

Fish Passage Project

Did you know ancient sturgeon are taking elevators and waterslides in Wisconsin?

Dam Removal

Many years ago, a few people who loved rivers asked the question: “Do we really need so many dams?”

Business Owners for Clean Water

Good water = good business. Especially for members of our Clear Water Business Consortium.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Invasive species impact the health, safety and accessibility of our waterways.


Learn why threats to our groundwater quality and quantity are increasing.


Toxic mining pollution puts our clean water economy, drinking water and quality of life at risk.

Polluted Runoff

Water pollution in Wisconsin comes from farm fields, city streets, factories and sewage treatment plants.