Making Your Board Effective

Board Trainings Overview

We know that boards want to improve their effectiveness, but often can’t commit to a long training. These three “mini board trainings” are designed to take place during one of your regularly scheduled board meetings. Your group can take one, two, or all three of these one-hour trainings in the order that makes sense for your needs.

The Basics of Nonprofit Boards

Establishing board roles and responsibilities, ensuring board participation between meetings, running effective meetings and having fun!

Recruiting for Your Board

Assessing your current organizational needs, evaluating the skills your current board brings to the table, identifying what skills you would like to see in new board members, securing/recruiting those members and formally orienting them once they begin.

Making Your Board a Success

Setting annual board goals, conducting board evaluations, establishing strong working committees and providing board development opportunities to make your organization flourish.

For more information about this training please contact Allison Werner.