Getting Your Message Out & Raising Money

Communicating Environmentally:
Changing Minds, Building Momentum

Whether you have a long-term goal of building membership for your local organization, or a short-term goal of fending off a development proposal, this tool will help you learn the language and techniques of environmental communication to help you build support and make a difference in your community.

Communicating Environmentally: Changing Minds, Building Momentum (PDF)

Influencing Decisions that Affect Your Environment

This tool will help you determine which level of government is responsible for decisions, wade through the decision-making process for local governments, discover which staff or elected officials to contact, decide when in the process you can be most influential, and learn the best way to approach government officials to have a productive dialog about the watershed issues you are concerned about.

Influencing Decisions that Affect Your Environment (PDF)

Seeking Foundation Funding

This short guide is intended to serve as an introduction to the world of foundation funding. Foundation grants can provide important support to grassroots watershed organizations, and complement other sources of funding such as membership programs, major donor campaigns, and government grants.

Seeking Foundation Funding (PDF)

Developing Your Membership

This guide serves as an introduction to the basics of building your membership, and help you get started establishing or strengthening your organization’s membership program.

Developing Your Membership (PDF)

Raising Funds While Increasing Visibility

Successful special events do much more than simply raise money for an organization. They can be an effective way to increase your organization’s visibility and bring together your members, donors, staff and volunteers to build a sense of community. Events can also help your organization recruit new members and supporters, contributing to its long-term stability.

Raising Funds While Increasing Your Visibility (PDF)