Raising Funds to Reach Your Goals

Training Overview

Raising enough funds to accomplish your organization’s goals is the most common struggle for groups. This training takes the fear out of fundraising and provides your organization with the knowledge and confidence to build financial support for your projects.

The topics covered and length of the training will be arranged based on your organization’s current needs. The training can be done as one, six-hour session or divided into two or three sessions.

The topics include:

  • Fundraising Basics- where to look for money and why people give
  • Making the Ask- effective ways to approach donors
  • Managing Membership- strategies to recruit and keep members
  • Fund Development Plans- creating a plan that identifies the steps needed to meet your organization’s fundraising goals. Before completing a fund development plan, your group will need to have an annual work plan and accompanying budget.

To learn more about this training please contact Allison Werner.