Meet the Wisconsin, Pike, and Bad Rivers

Feb 2, 2019 | Members, Recreation

Recognize these Rivers?

Take a moment to meet some of Wisconsin’s most remarkable rivers. We’ll be sharing images and fun facts in this ongoing “Meet a River” series. Is there a river you’d like to see featured? Email us today at [email protected]

Meet the Wisconsin River

Did you know that the state of Wisconsin was named after the Wisconsin River? Originally called Meskousing, and then Ouisconsin by French explorers, the Wisconsin River became the landmark for which the entire state territory would be referred to and eventually named for.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Cody, Wisconsin River at Prairie du Sac)

Meet the Pike River

The Pike River was designated as a Wild River by the state of Wisconsin in 1965, protecting it from development and ensuring that the river will run forever wild. Located in Marinette County, the Pike features many waterfalls, challenging rapids, and excellent trout fishing!

Photo Credit: Stacey Poulos (@effiepou)

Meet the Bad River

The Bad River watershed is the largest basin on the south shore of Lake Superior. Before emptying into the lake, the Bad River flows through Copper Falls State Park and the Bad River Indian Reservation. Fish passage and sedimentation at road stream crossings have been identified as major concerns in the watershed. To address this concern, the Superior Rivers Watershed Association initiated the Culvert Restoration Program to conduct a watershed wide, quantitative road-stream crossing inventory and identify specific sites that are priorities for remediation.

(Photo Credit: Andy Merkel)