Paddling Safety Tips

Why PFDs are key!

Paddling pro Timothy Bauer of teams up with River Alliance of Wisconsin to share why it’s key to wear your PFD (personal floatation device).

What should I bring?

Learn the paddling essentials for your next trip from Timothy Bauer of and River Alliance of Wisconsin. What would you add to the list?

Why check water levels?

Timothy Bauer of joins up with River Alliance of Wisconsin to share why and how to check water levels BEFORE you hop in your boat.

How can I get water level updates?

Paddler and author Timothy Bauer of shares a pro tip for setting up water level alerts for waterways of your choice.

More Resources:

Safety Code of American Whitewater
Find information on river ratings and safety recommendations.

How to Gauge Wisconsin Water Levels
Explore detailed information on gauging water levels in this guide from Miles Paddled.

Always assess the safety of a particular waterbody before entering,
always wear a personal flotation device and use caution.