Water Action Volunteers’ Project RED

Join Project RED (Riverine Early Detectors) through Water Action Volunteers.

The key to successfully protecting your river is detecting invasives early when it is still possible to isolate or eradicate the infestation. The longer we wait to find them and fight them, the more money and time it will take. Volunteers like you are invaluable for early detection. Learn more on the Water Action Volunteers’ website.

Why You Should Be a Project RED water monitor?

  • Easy, fun and flexible protocols to identify species of concern
  • Engage new members/volunteers
  • Educate local landowners about invasive species
  • Online data management tools managed by the Wisconsin¬†DNR
  • Species verification by professionals
  • Eradication and containment technical support
  • It’s free!

During a Project RED Training with Water Action Volunteers

During a Water Action Volunteers Project Red Training you will learn which invasive species threaten your local rivers, how to differentiate them from native look-a-likes, and how to keep an eye out for them by canoe, kayak, or on foot. You can choose priority monitoring locations and a monitoring schedule that are convenient to you and your volunteers. You will also learn how to use online data management tools available through the Wisconsin DNR SWIMS database. 

If you identify an invasive in your riparian corridor, the Wisconsin DNR can also help you take the next step of eradication or containment.