An Upwelling of Support

Dec 2, 2020 | Citizen Advocacy, Environmental Justice, Members, Newsletters

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 WaterWays newsletterDownload a PDF of the full Newsletter

By Karen Bednar, Development Director 

Right now, many lakes are undergoing turnover. Dr. Jay Austin of the University of Minnesota’s Large Lakes Observatory describes it as a time when the water column thoroughly mixes together before the freeze. In many lakes, this mixing happens in the spring, and again in the fall as the surface layer of the water becomes denser with the overlying air temperature change. Lake Superior’s turnover is roughly in December, whereas a smaller lake may have started mixing in October.

One of the amazing things about fall turnover is the upwelling of an abundance of nutrients and a redistribution of oxygen throughout the water column. A fantastic response of life ensues. It is a nourishing time for the whole ecosystem before winter sets in.

We too recognize what is nourishing our lives: connection to one another and connection to nature. And through these times of change, what is constant? If you got out hiking or paddling this fall you can guess what I am alluding to. Water can provide that respite we can count on. The work you support at River Alliance protects and restores our waters. The waters you can rely on.

We rely on you. We are looking to you for an upwelling of support this giving season. If you are preparing for your year-end gift, consider making an additional donation this year by pitching in now with a gift or setting up the stability of a recurring gift online.

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