One of the many myths peddled by agricultural interests in their effort to stifle any meaningful regulation of groundwater pumping for irrigation is that “the science isn’t settled” about whether all that pumping takes water from lakes and streams. When you hear this come out of a... Read More

Somewhere in the foreground of this photo, amid eroded and trampled banks, runs Big Rock Creek. A recent manure event and subsequent fish kill on Castle Rock Creek, a popular trout stream in southwestern Wisconsin, has generated more attention than usual on the topic of agriculture’s... Read More

There are nearly 3,000 high-capacity wells (i.e., over 100,000 gallons per day) in the Central Sands region, almost all of them used for crop irrigation. You can serve up your potatoes in many forms: mashed, hash browns, au gratin, French fries, American fries. If you're looking for a hearty... Read More

2015 Aquatic Invasive Species Snapshot Day: Volunteers make a splash searching for invasive species statewide On August 29, 2015, over 100 volunteers splashed into streams all across Wisconsin to search for invasive species that threaten recreation and the health of our waters.  Braving... Read More