Crying Out From Kewaunee County As we've reported in our #wish4waterWI campaign and heard from Susan Connor, Kewaunee County is soaked in cow manure. That county board just passed a resolution calling for some limits on manure spreading. The town of Lincoln, in Kewaunee County, on its own... Read More

You know from our #wish4waterWI campaign and Susan Connor's story of her and her neighbors' struggles living with avalanches of manure in Kewaunee County. Their greatest fear is that the state of Wisconsin could allow what is euphemistically called "manure irrigation" -- that is, the... Read More

Barb Gifford and the Little Plover River go way back. Not as long as she and her husband of 52 years, but darn close. The Giffords built their house on the banks of the Little Plover, raised three children there and now play with their grandchildren there. When sections of the Little Plover... Read More