Anita Adams finds the hills and dales of Trempealeau County, where she gardens and rides horses and plays outside on the 49-acre farm she owns with her husband, to be one of the most spectacular landscapes she's ever seen. Now, she's seeing the woods, wetlands and prairies that her farm... Read More

By River Alliance Donor Relations Director, Joanne Jacobson I spend a lot of time at my desk, so when I get a chance to tag along with my coworkers for a field trip, it’s a real treat. Last week, I followed two of my coworkers, Allison Werner and Helen Sarakinos, up north to Iron County... Read More

When browsing our Local Groups page you may notice several organizations with "Lake" in their name. Why, you may ask, is the RIVER Alliance of Wisconsin consorting with lake and reservoir groups? It’s a question worth asking, and the answer’s actually a pretty easy one. These “lakes”... Read More

On Saturday, March 15, we pulled together citizen water advocates from the Wisconsin River basin (from Tomahawk to Spring Green) for an afternoon of inspired talk about how we each work to advocate for our own little corners of the watershed, as well as the Wisconsin River as a whole. We're... Read More