A draft proposal from the Wisconsin DNR, currently open for public comment, seeks to move “small scale” dredging for up to 25 cubic yards sediment (think two dump trucks worth!!!) into a General Permit (GP), which will receive substantially less scrutiny from DNR staff. The effect of this... Read More

Give a few minutes of your time to make big difference in the fate of Wisconsin's waters. UPDATE: The groundwater bill, SB 76/AB 105, has been scheduled for a public hearing on Wednesday, March 15 at 9:00 am in State Capitol Room 412 East. This is a joint hearing of the Senate Committee on... Read More

We’ve seen a recent proposal to reorganize the DNR. We’ve heard of a plan to dismantle the DNR. We’ve watched an agency with a proud tradition of evidence-based resource management reject the scientific consensus on climate change. And all this after bi-partisan actions that have stripped... Read More

As 2017 nears we've compiled a brief preview of the state policies we're keeping an eye on. You can begin to contact your elected officials right now. Call or email to let your legislator know that protecting water is important to you. You can stress the importance of clean water to tourism,... Read More