This article originally appeared in the Fall 2020 WaterWays newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. By Ellen Voss, La Crosse Area AIS Manager Snapshot Day On August 15th, 150 dedicated volunteers from all over Wisconsin donned their masks, rolled up their sleeves, and grabbed... Read More

With field season ramping up by the day, River Alliance of Wisconsin welcomes Ava Pfeffer as our 2017 La Crosse Area Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Intern. Ava graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Biology degree this past spring and will team up with Scott Caven (our... Read More

This is the introductory article for the Winter 2015 River Alliance Newsletter. Download a pdf of the full newsletter. Wish for - but ACT too - for Clean Water We've all heard the expression; it's a popular one.  Often attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, "The whole is... Read More

This is the cover article from our fall 2016 FLOW Newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. A Word on Our Future By Raj Shukla I paddled down the Kickapoo recently. It was my third time in a kayak. A few months ago my family shuttled across Lake Wingra. A dozen years ago I... Read More

Dave Rowe from DNR is explaining how to evaluate stream characteristics to the group of over 50 volunteers. You can't take in the state or local news these days without inevitably hearing mention of a "public-private partnership" at some point. It's a hot phrase, to be sure, made all the more... Read More