The pending metal mine (gold, copper, lead, zinc, silver) right on the bank of the Menominee River that forms the border between Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is not well known or understood in Wisconsin. The River Alliance has joined the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (MITW),... Read More

We’ve reported on the possibility of a huge metal mine (gold, nickel, copper) right on the bank of the Menominee River, in the Upper Peninsula – a river we share with Michigan that drains to everyone’s Lake Michigan. The permit application for the mine is huge and complex, but the good... Read More

Mine, Mines, Mining. We seem to not be able to go for any stretch of time at all here in Wisconsin without being in the midst of a mine controversy. Now is no exception and Wisconsin is certainly not alone. You may have just read our recent blog post “Oh My, Another Mine” about the state... Read More

Just when you thought we could relax about mining in Wisconsin, the state of Michigan is reviewing a mining proposal, for copper, nickel and other metals, by Aquila Resources (aka Back 40 project), on our border. The mine may as well be in Wisconsin, for the potential ill effects it could... Read More

Ron Henriksen (standing in the river), of the citizens group The Front 40, shares with River Alliance members during a 2008 paddling trip his concerns about an open-pit metallic mine with mine within sight of the Menominee River, in Michigan but just across the river from Wisconsin. Just when... Read More