People often chat and dream about how wonderful it would be to have their own private island. They talk, perhaps, about building a dream house or maybe even a helipad to chopper in and out. It’s a place they might joke about moving when (fill in the name of your most despised presidential... Read More

Mine, Mines, Mining. We seem to not be able to go for any stretch of time at all here in Wisconsin without being in the midst of a mine controversy. Now is no exception and Wisconsin is certainly not alone. You may have just read our recent blog post “Oh My, Another Mine” about the state... Read More

When we go through the process of viewing and selecting films for our annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival, coming up March 16 at the Barrymore Theatre, inevitably there are issues that grab our attention and local connections that click. Such as was the case when we first viewed Diversity... Read More

I had the honor to meet pioneer Marion Stoddart, founder, Nashua River Watershed Association at the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention. In the early sixties Marion advocated for the cleanup of the Nashua River - one of the nation’s most polluted. She succeeded!At 87 years young she is... Read More