River Alliance of Wisconsin welcomes board chair Tyrone Cratic Williams

Jan 12, 2024 | Uncategorized

This month, River Alliance of Wisconsin Board of Directors welcomed its first Black leader, Tyrone Cratic Williams, as chair. The mission of River Alliance is to empower people to protect and restore water.

Tyrone has traveled the world. Every place he’s visited, he has seen the direct connection between the quality of life and the quality of water. The same is true for the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago where he grew up and in Madison, Wisconsin where he now calls home.

In his professional life, Tyrone is a police officer in the City of Madison Police Department, and is a Certified Diversity Practitioner, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and is a former candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly.

“There is so much that River Alliance has done, and I have learned to appreciate the incredible work that River Alliance staff, board of directors, and supporters have done to keep this work going,” said Cratic Williams in a statement on River Alliance’s YouTube page. “They are passionate about building community and being inclusive. That’s what resonates with me and that’s what draws me to River Alliance.”

He has brought his deep community connections and passion for leadership to River Alliance of Wisconsin as a member of the board, as a diversity trainer for staff, and now in his service as the new board chair.

“We are grateful for Tyrone’s leadership on our board of directors,” said Executive Director Allison Werner. “His thoughtful and strategic guidance has served us well for years and will help us as we move forward in implementing our long-term vision to provide clean and plentiful water for all living things.”


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