Weigh in on Rollbacks to Shoreland Zoning Runes

Aug 19, 2013 | Citizen Advocacy, Water Policy

IDNR is holding the last of five public hearings this week in Tomahawk (2pm-6pm) on changes to shoreland zoning that would weaken protections statewide. Please consider attending the hearing on Thursday and letting your voice be heard. If you cannot attend a hearing in person, submit written comments to DNR asking them to leave shoreland zoning rules alone.

If you cannot attend the public hearings, you can submit written comments until September 5, 2013. Written comments may be submitted by email or mail to: Heidi Kennedy, Bureau of Watershed Management, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI, 53707.

Talking Points:

  • The current rules for shoreland zoning already represent a compromise between science and landowner flexibility and these proposed changes will tip the balance toward poorer fishing and dirtier water in the state.
  • When 10-12% of the area around lakes and rivers becomes paved and developed, fisheries start to decline and water quality plummets. DNR is proposing to allow waterfront property owners to pave and develop up to 40% of their lot (60% if it’s commercial). And new language will allow even more of the waterfront property to be developed with minimal oversight. How does this meet the mandate to protect wildlife, fisheries and water quality?
  • The proposed changes are supposed to ease the administrative burden to counties. Yet the proposal that a landowner can exceed impervious surface standards if they treat the runoff from that area will require county oversight and enforcement. How will this decrease administrative burden?
  • Finally, share your story about how you use your lake or river and why it matters to you that DNR do its job to protect the resource.

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