Your Favorite Wisconsin Farmers Who Protect Land & Water

Mar 18, 2021 | Agriculture, Clear Water Farms, Members, Newsletters

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 WaterWays newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. By Mike Tiboris, Clear Water Farms Director

Knowing your local farmers and buying from those who are committed to clean water is an easy action you can take for clean water. We also want to show these farmers (and their peers) that Wisconsinites care about clean water and will support them for taking a stand to protect land and water.

We invite you to learn more about a few of the farmers recently nominated by River Alliance members and partners:


Cavern Point Farm

Cavern Point Farm, run by the Cavadini Family, was nominated by two other farmer members of River Alliance, BJ Farra and Matt Oehmichen, for their vision and commitment to healthy soil and water. Cavern Point, located near Marshfield, raises pastured beef grazing on perennial grass cover.


Bula’s Pleasant Valley Farm

Karen Mesmer nominated Bula’s Pleasant Valley Farm, near North Freedom. The Bulas are dedicated to regenerative agriculture and the sort of diverse farming system (with beef, sheep, chickens, vegetables, bees, and maple syrup) that defines Wisconsin’s farming heritage.


Pinehold Gardens

Sandy Raduenz and David Kozlowski of Pinehold Gardens, nominated by Melissa and Jay Warner, have been running a CSA for more than 25 years in Oak Creek. They use drip irrigation on their vegetables to conserve water and keep their soil out of the creek.


More to come!

In the coming months we’ll be featuring the work of more Clear Water Farmers for you to see—with videos, stories, and transparent commitments to protect Wisconsin’s water. The nominated farms included a large diversity of sizes and production systems, showing us that water protection can be a central feature of a successful farm!

Nominate a farmer you know for being great caretakers of our land and water! Nominate now.